Voucher COVID19 Feet Up Hostels

Voucher COVID-19

Voucher COVID-19

Do not stay without enjoying.
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Cancel your reservation for free and we will refund the full amount in the form of a Voucher*

With which you get:

  • The total value of your booking.
  • Free date changes.
  • Flexibility in your booking.
  • This voucher is unique and non-transferable.

Due to the circumstances we are living by COVID-19 we are working to offer our customers solutions that provide peace of mind and security. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to cancel your reservation for free and refund the amount in Voucher*. This Voucher represents a total value in euros, which can be used as a means of payment for a reservation and the additional services it is included. It does not represent a value in beds, no nights, no rooms but a value in euros that can be applied to your desire.

To solve all your doubts we have activated a section with frequently asked questions, where you will find more information about our Voucher.

  • Total value of your reservation
  • Date changes free
  • Flexibility in your booking
  • This voucher is unique and non-transferable
  • Are like you

Terms and conditions

  • This voucher represents a total value in euros, which may be used as a means of payment for a reservation and the additional services it is included. It does not represent a value in beds, no nights, no rooms but a value in euros that can be applied to your desire.
  • Prices subject to availability at the time of booking, and subject to the conditions imposed by the selected Hostel. Program and activities subject to the organizer’s exchange.
  • To check availability or if you have any questions, please email us at the following address voucher@feetup

Voucher FAQs Feet Up Hostels – COVID19

When can I use my voucher Feetup?

You have until 31/01/2022 to stay at the establishment in which you booked, using your voucher.

What is the deadline to make a new reservation using my Feetup voucher?

You have until 31/09/2021 to make your reservation effectively. Past that period, the voucher will lose its validity.

How can I make use of the voucher? Who should I contact?

Via email always. The establishment will then contact you to formalize it.

Should I bring the voucher at the time of my arrival?

Always, as the establishment will realize a check-up for when you made the reservation and at the time of your check-in.

Can a person other than me use the voucher as the owner of the voucher?

No, it can only be used by the owner who made the initial reservation.

Can I book for myself and others if the amount of the voucher allows it?

Yes, in any case, you can use the amount of the voucher to make a reservation of more than one person, until you complete the total amount of your voucher. If the amount of your reservation exceeds the amount of your voucher, you will have to pay/will be charged the difference.

Is it possible to book a reservation that is less than the voucher’s amount?

Yes, but in this case, you would lose the remaining amount left on the voucher. Better yet, try to book for more nights, or get some extra services. Extras include: breakfast, meals, activities that can be paid when checking-in.

Can I book a different room category?

Yes, as long as the amount limit of the voucher allows it. If possible, we will try to make an upgrade.

Can I use the voucher provided for special events?

Yes you can, but your reservation must be subject to the minimum stay conditions and possible payment methods just in case you have to pay a part. For example, if there is a minimum stay of 3 nights on those dates, you must book for 3 nights.

Can I cancel my future booking where I have used the voucher provided if circumstances change or because of personal reasons?

Yes, the voucher allows you up to 2 free cancellations. As long as you have communicated to us via email at least 7 days before the time of your check-in, for bookings of up to 9 people. In case of groups of 10 or more, the minimum period is 20 days before arrival.

Where can I use my Feetup voucher?

Only in the establishment where you made your original reservation.

Can I use the total amount of my voucher on multiple bookings?

No, you can only use it on one reservation.

Can I use the full amount of my voucher to purchase extra services in addition to the accommodation?

Yes, if the amount of your new reservation is less than the voucher’s, you can purchase additional services that the establishment offers, until you reach the full limit of the voucher. These services must be acquired at the time of your check-in.


  • Voucher = €48/ New booking = €45
  • You can use the remaining 3€ left to buy a ticket for breakfast.

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