Spanish Heritage in our hostels in Valencia, Nolla Mosaics, a tradition of Valencian heritage

Nolla Mosaics in Valencia Hostels by Feet Up Hostels
Spanish Heritage in our hostels in Valencia, Nolla Mosaics, a tradition of Valencian heritage. Nolla Mosaics, a tradition of Valencian heritage decorating the floors and walls of our hostels

Nolla Mosaics, a tradition of Valencian

Nolla Mosaics, a tradition of Valencian heritage decorating the floors of our hostels


As a hostel chain, we are proud to promote Spanish heritage around the world. We have many hostels in Valencia and other cities around Spain that feature Nolla mosaics on floors of the rooms, common areas and some bathrooms. Many of our guests enjoy these beautiful designs and share photos with friends and family in the social networks, promoting Spanish heritage with around the world

Nolla mosaic inspiration in our hostels floors.

Nolla ceramics is the first high-performance ceramics produced in Spain. Introduced from England by the businessman Miguel Nolla in the mid-nineteenth century, it consists of small geometric stoneware tiles, intended to form complex compositions as a mosaic, which is why it is commonly known as mosaic Nolla.


Each piece is placed by hand, which makes it a very special decoration.

In our hostels you can see several examples of nolla mosaics; it seemed to us a great idea to keep them in our apartments because they make them unique and original and of great tourist interest.

More than a flooring design. A lasting tradition.

The Nolla mosaics were created through an ancient traditional technique that has been used in Valencia for a century and a half.

It is a craft that requires great patience and dedication to create intricate designs, in addition to being able to work with different materials such as glass, ceramics or pottery.

We have seen this work in our hostels in Valencia, Nolla Mosaics, a tradition of Valencian heritage that we want to share with you and that you can enjoy when you come to stay in one of our hostels.

Nolla mosaics are a tradition of Valencian heritage.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, and its capital. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it has a rich history of art, architecture and culture.

The city is full of beautiful buildings that have been preserved over time thanks to the efforts of many people who wanted to continue keeping traditional Valencian heritage alive. Nolla mosaics are one example of this type of traditional craftsmanship that can be found all over Valencia!

Hostels around Valencia enable travelers and tourists to see these beautiful designs outside of buildings, as well as inside.

If you’re traveling alone or with a small group, hostels are a great place to meet other travelers. You can share your experiences and learn about the local culture from fellow backpackers.

Hostels are also a good way to see the sights in your host city. Many hostels have tours that include visits to local museums and attractions.

If you want to see Valencia’s most famous mosaic work outside of buildings, book one of these tours!

For example, in our Purple Nest Hostel Valencia there is a large collection of Nolla Mosaics in a large part of its rooms.

Our guests enjoy these mosaics and share photos with their friends and family back home, promoting culture and Spanish heritage on your social networks and with friends!

In addition to being a great place to sleep and recharge, our hostels in Valencia are also places where you can make memories.

Come meet other travelers from around the world and share stories about your experiences in Spain. Our staff is here to help you with anything you need, whether it’s information on where to go or something as simple as directions on how to get our hostels at night.

We’ll even suggest some fun activities for the evening or recommend places with good food nearby!

Whether you’re looking for a place where you can do laundry while staying in Valencia’s old town or want somewhere central so that everything is within walking distance. We have affordable rates so that everyone will be able to enjoy their stay while also saving money on accommodations during their vacation.

As you can see, the floor is a lovely mosaic tile, which is inspired by the traditional Valencian mosaics that are so common in this region.

The guests of our hostel will have the chance to enjoy this floor while they relax, share photos with friends and family back home, and get some work done if they need it.


We hope this article has made you feel more connected to the Nolla Mosaics. The best way to experience it is by visiting one of our hostels in Valencia and seeing the beautiful floors yourself!

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