Top 10 tips to make the fallas an unforgettable experience in Valencia 🔥🔥

Tips for fallas in Valencia
Top 10 tips to make the fallas an unforgettable experience in Valencia. All you have to know to fully enjoy the Fallas 2020. One more year, the Fallas arrived in the city and from Feet Up Hostels we want to offer you the best TIPS so you can squeeze to the maximum these dates full of color, culture and tradition. So, here we go!

Top 10 tips to make the fallas Valencia an unforgettable experience in Valencia

All you have to know to fully enjoy the Fallas 2020.

One more year, the Fallas arrived in the city and from Feet Up Hostels we want to offer you the BEST TIPS so you can squeeze to the maximum these dates full of color, culture and tradition. So, here we go!

To begin with, when are the Fallas Valencia and what do they consist of?

Fallas 2020 begins on Sunday, March 15 and ends on Thursday, March 19. It’s a free traditional holiday that doesn’t charge any fee and which takes place all over the city.

The streets of Valencia are filled with huge sculptures overflowing with satire and color, popular festivals, fireworks, gunpowder and traditional food.

Since 2016, the Fallas became part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity according to UNESCO and its popularity has only increased in the last years.

Las Fallas are one of the most important traditional festivals in Valencia and represent one of the main cultural attractions going on in Spain on these dates.

But, what do you need to now to enjoy them to the fullest this year?
Don’t miss any detail!

#1 Las Fallas.

These colorful colossus that take over the streets have their origin in the ancient custom of carpenters to burn pieces of wood that they wouldn’t use after winter.

Over time, these pieces became humanized to the form of ‘ninots’ (dolls) and, little by little, his technique was perfected to become the beautiful figures that adorn our streets during the second fortnight of March in the city.

The improvement has gone so far that it is put under contest which is the most beautiful, and the lucky one selected, will not fall under the flames once the holidays are over.

So, don’t wait any longer and grab your map from the Special Section of Fallas so you can visit the most awarded Fallas of the city and enjoy this ephemeral art of millionaire budget.

#2 La Mascletà.

Valencian people love fire and noise, and there is no more perfect combination for this than firecrackers. La Mascletà is a massive show that plays with volume, rhythm and colour and uses tons of gunpowder every day from 1 to 19 March at the Town Hall Square at 14h.

The town hall square is crowded these days, and it is interesting to live the atmosphere of the mascletà at street-level, but if you don’t like crowds, there is always the possibility to hire a balcony with food service included for a more panoramic and comfortable view.

It is very important in any case, to keep your mouth a little open to prevent the 120 decibels reached from damaging your ear, protect yourself from the sun and to be hydrated to avoid problems.

#3 La ofrenda.

La Virgen de los Desamparados, the patroness of Valencia, receives annually during the Fallas more than 57,600 bouquets of flowers that adorn its mantle forming a huge tapestry more than 15 meters high.

Passing through the Plaza de la Virgen to observe the process or the final result is indispensable to feel the most traditional and religious part of these festival.

#4 The Lighting of the Streets.

The lighting of the streets is another characteristic element of the Fallas. Thousands of bulbs of different colors and sizes make the districts of Ruzafa and La Malvarrosa shine at nightfall, so strolling through the best lit streets of the city and enjoying the light shows of the Malvarrosa is necessary to complete your Fallas Experience.

#5 Night Parties or Verbenas.

Valencia in Fallas is synonymous with all-night-party. If you walk through the center of the city, you will find loads of concerts, orchestras and charangas almost all day long but specially at night.

Every single Falla has a wide variety of events, so don’t hesitate, if what you’re looking for fiesta and you want to dance non-stop in a festive and fun atmosphere, the Fallas are what you’re looking for!

#6 Churros, Buñuelos, and Porras.

Churros with chocolate, pumpkin ‘buñuelos’ and ‘porras’ in all their variants, perfume the atmosphere of Valencia at this time.

So why not? Indulge yourself and try them on any of the countless #foodtrucks you’ll find on the streets all over the city. Looking for a classic? Visit the Horchatería and Chocolatería ‘Santa Catalina’ in the city center.

#7 Paella.

Of course, Paella could not miss in this great celebration of the Valencian culture. That is why during these days, each Falla organizes its own contest of Paellas in the streets.

But if you fancy something quieter, don’t worry because in Valencia you will find countless restaurants in which to delight you with this delicious dish.

#8 La Nit del Foc.

La Gran Nit del Foc (or the Great Night of Fire) is one of the most important pyrotechnic events of the Fallas and is held at the Paseo de la Alameda on the night of March 18th at 1:30am.

The Great Night of Fire marks the beginning of the last day of Fallas with a firework castle longer than usual. The Great Night of Fire is an emblematic and special night because it announces the end of the Fallas and the beginning of a new year.

#9 La Crèma.

To the surprise of many, on the last day of Fallas, March 19th, fire is the main protagonist. All Fallas are burned in a very important ceremony called La Cremà.

La Cremà is a visual spectacle worthy of witnessing with great emotional weight for the falleros and falleras, since it indicates the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Of pagan origin, this tradition uses fire as a purifying agent. On a symbolic level the fire burns all that is superfluous, harmful or useless, raising the beginning of a new beginning.

#10 Keep Calm & Vive las Fallas.

During the Fallas, the streets of Valencia are crowded, especially in the city center. So bring great doses of patience and joy and enjoy the sensory spectacle of the Fallas in peace and harmony. Remember: Keep Calm and Vive las Fallas!

Haven’t you lived this incredible experience yet?

Come to Valencia and enjoy the Fallas with Feet Up Hostels!


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