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Safe booking

The big and probably only advantage of booking through sites like, Expedia, HostelWorld is that they seem to offer the lowest prices, even if only by a few euros.

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Safe booking with Feet Up Hostels

Is it safe to book with us?

Have you ever wondered if it’s safe to book through Feet Up Hostels? Is it better to book directly with the hostel or go through

At times it may seem like portals like offer lower prices, but… is that really the case?

Today, we want to share 4 reasons why it’s in your best interest to book directly with us, rather than through a third-party portal.

So, let’s steer clear from Expedia,, and the like. The best room, the best price, the best service, and the best stay are right here when you book directly with Feet Up Hostels.

Booking Safely with Feet Up Hostels

Safe Booking with Feet Up Hostels
Safe Booking with Feet Up Hostels


When it’s just you (the guest) and us (the hostel) involved in the booking, everything is clearer and simpler since there are no other parties involved. When a third party such as Booking or Expedia gets involved, things can get complicated. Sometimes, bookings aren’t processed correctly due to technical issues, and the blame is unjustly placed on the hostel.

This can leave you without a room or with one you didn’t want. Want to avoid nightmares? Check out, where has 2/5 stars from over 1,300 reviews.

Price Matching

The only apparent advantage of booking through sites like, Expedia, or HostelWorld is that they seem to offer the lowest prices, even if it’s only by a few euros. But here’s the trick: Most hostels, especially hostel chains like us, can match any price.

All you have to do is send us the cheapest price you’ve found elsewhere for the same dates at our reception. We won’t just match the lowest price you’ve found, we’ll also give you an additional discount of up to 10%.

Room Choice

We only sell certain types of rooms through other channels. We reserve the best rooms, at the best price, with the greatest variety to sell directly through our website. This makes a big difference when it comes to a standard or private room.

More Flexibility

When you book directly, our team will prioritize your request to solve any issues you might have. You can change or even cancel the booking since it won’t be subject to any agreements with third parties.

Booking through an external channel essentially creates a contract for your stay, which can limit the flexibility for changes and modifications between you and us.

Booking directly is always much better, it is safer, it is faster, more comfortable, more economical and with greater benefits for you as a guest.

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