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Do you want to internship in Spain?
Do you want to work with us?

Our Feetup Hostels Group is formed by a dynamic team and many people want to improve on the basis of partnership and mutual support.
Our Human Resources Department is constantly looking for people who have these requirements and want to join our team.

Work away Experience
Spain โ€“ UK

Do you want to become a tourism professional and also learn languages?

In Feet Up Hostels we offer you the possibility to work in Spain and learn Spanish.
You can also work in the UK and learn English.
All in one experience that will surely enrich your professional resume!

How does it work with us?


We are looking for profiles of young people with a fast learning ability of the online world and the latest technology in our central offices in Valencia.

We will help you to grow professionally for an increasingly competitive world.


We have accommodation and hostels in the cities of Barcelona and Valencia where you can develop your ability to communicate with our customers..

At the same time, you can train in customer service in different languages.


Each and every one of our Youth Hostels in Barcelona and Valencia are the best places to develop your practices if you are looking for a place to meet new people and learn from the different cultures of the world.

Come and be part of our Team.

You can send us an email to:

How does work away Experience Spain โ€“ UK?

Jobs in Spain


Work in Valencia or Barcelona, two of the best and most attractive tourist cities in Spain. You will work in one of our hostels, in a dynamic, young and multicultural environment. We have the perfect formula to grow as a tourism professional, improve your CV and your professional skills.

All our staff speak Spanish, so you will also improve your language skills while you become a hospitality professional.

Minimum stay:

  • Minimum: 3 months
  • Maximum: 1 year


  • English level: Intermediate
  • Spanish Level: Intermediate


  • EU Citizen
  • Interview and selection process.
  • Training in customer service, sales, front/back office management, animation and more.
  • Improving your Spanish.
  • Accommodation in Valencia – Barcelona
  • Traineeship certificate
  • Possibility of contracting

Work in the UK


From multinational companies to industrial firms and start-up companies, the cosmopolitan city of London is one of the best places in the world to improve your CV and your job skills.

In today’s competitive world, doing an internship in London will help you stand out from the crowd.

Working in London gives you the opportunity to be independent, to learn or improve your job skills and technical business vocabulary and to enter the job market.

With our internships, you will learn to take responsibility at work while being welcomed in one of our welcoming companies.

REQUIREMENTS. Minimum stay:

  • Minimum: 6 months (Verano 4)
  • Maximum: 1 year


  • English level: Not required


  • Citizen UE


  • Search for a company according to the requested parameters.
  • Selection process.
  • Support from our coordination team in London.
  • Certificate of completion of the internship.
  • Initial information meeting at the destination (student induction) + interview with the host company.
  • Access to our social programme in London.
  • Advice on finding accommodation.


  • To any person in the requested age range (see below)
  • Previous experience is not necessary, but it is advisable to have it in order to be eligible for better jobs from the beginning.
  • It is not necessary to have a high level of English, but it is advisable to have the best possible level.

It is ideal for students or professionals in the hospitality industry, but not only for them. Anyone who wants to gain work experience in the UK, improve their CV and English language skills and make new contacts and friends can join the programme – if you have experience in the hospitality industry, this programme is ideal for you!

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