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La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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20 January, 2017
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20 January, 2017

Ready to know the symbol of the city of Barcelona? Although the construction of this building with Neogothic style began in 1882, until 1883 Gaudí didn´t modify it completely. In 1926 Gaudí died and left it unfinished, but before he left a series of planes with which it has been able to continue constructing. Therefore, Sagrada Familia isn´t yet finished! We don´t know when its construction will end because it´s financed with the visits and donations that it receives.

You can´t miss this architectural wonder that has impressed so many millions of people. The outdoor is beautiful but you can´t leave without seeing its magnificent interior, is really amazing. A basilica whose interior resembles a large forest, the altar seems to be suspended by pure light. The interior impresses as soon as you cross the door.

Ready to know about the symbol of the city?

It's an architectural wonder that has impressed millions of people.

Come and visit it!

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