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Tomatina Pack: Tomatina entry ticket + Hostel in Valencia

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We have a pack available. Check prices.

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What is Tomatina?

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The Tomatina of Buñol is one of the most awaited summer events in Valencia. Last year more than 160 tons of tomatoes were thrown in a party that was baptized like a Tomatina against the gender and homofobic violence.

Our team “Feetup Hostels”, as every year puts on sale Full Packs of accommodation plus tickets for this Tomatina, by the hand of our partner TourmeOut that every year manages to organize the entire route of the Tomatina.

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Accommodation + Entry ticket

  • Official Tomatina tickets 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅
  • Tour Me Out La Tomatina 2019 T-Shirt
  • Transportation Valencia – Buñol / Buñol – Valencia (The bus leaves from Valencia on Wednesday 28 th at 5:15am and we will return from Buñol at 02:00pm the bus to be at the hostel before 03:00pm.)
  • Sangria before Tomatina.
  • Expert guides on the event
  • Ticket to Official Tomatina PRE-Party ticket included!! (5€ bus fare not included).
  • Ticket to Official Tomatina AFTER-Party ticket included!!

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¿Do you want to enjoy this unique Experience?

Book now directly with us and benefit of all the advantages in booking with Feetup Hostels!


Limited spaces!

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Terms and condition

  • Subject to availability at the time of request, and subject to the conditions imposed by the Hostel.
  • Programs and activities subject to changes made by our partner Tourmeout.
  • In order to confirm the Reservation for Tomatina, it is MANDATORY to make the payment of the total amount through a merchant service.
  • We will not accept payments made by any other method. After making the reservation, we will contact you and we will send you the payment link.
  • Afterwards, you will make the payment in an EASY and SECURE way.
  • The reservation is not effective until the payment is confirmed.

You should keep this in mind when booking with us.

  • As a rule we are obliged to not accept guests younger than 18 years if they are not accompanied by an adult
  • Guests younger than 18 years can’t stay in a shared room, unless all of the occupants are members of their travel group.
  • You must present a document of identification or a valid passport during the check in..
  • You must pay a deposit of 5€ for the key and 5€ for the towel (don’t worry, during checkout the money will be returned if you bring the key and the towel in the same condition that they were given to you).
  • With reservations of more than 9 people there will be special group conditions. We therefore recommend that you contact our groups department directly through the following form. You must fill all of the fields and send it. We will contact you as quickly as possible.
  • We accept payments with American Express, Visa, Master Card and JCB.
  • You can wash your clothes in our laundromat for only 8€


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